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Zoom Specifically, as far as systems concerning sports on ice are concerned, we have collaborated, with different capacities, for the realization of the following primary works:
  • Bobsleigh Run Cortina (1981)
  • Ice Rink Ravascleto 1° System
  • Ice Rink Torino Esposizioni Torino 1981-2003
  • Ice Rink Tazzoli Torino
  • Ice Rink Torre Pellice 1° System
  • Ice Rink Iceland Roma
  • Ice Rink Tai Di Cadore
  • Ice Rink Sanpeyre
  • Temporary Ice Rinks (About 30 In Italy)
  • Ice Rink Massari Torino
  • Training Curling Track Pinerolo
  • Ice Rink Aosta
  • Bobsleigh Run Torino 2006
  • Speed Skating Torino 2006
  • Ice Rinks Torino Esposizioni Torino 2006

Technical Advisor Of The Federation Italian Sport Ice (F.I.S.G.)

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